Lethal brotherhood


As horrible as it sounds, it should come of no surprise to us that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un uses violence and revenge on those who even are suspected of neglecting his regime; it also does not strike the public opinion as much anymore, that he treats all his potential enemies the same way, even when they come from his own family tree.

What is instead alarming is the fact that, as Kim Jong-un has already proved, strict violence, torture, political purges and premeditated killings amongst the so-called “defectors” are normal.

Lately the despotic young ruler of North Korea seems to have reserved a particular treatment to his elder half-brother Kim Jong-nam. He was the heir apparent to his father Kim Jong-il in 2010 but then after a series of actions showing dissent to the regime, he was thought to have fallen out of favour with him.

On the 13th of February 2017 Kim Jong-nam was assassinated in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport with a nerve agent called VX, which led to his fast but painful death in less than 20 minutes, after he was accosted and rubbed with the substance by two young women, still on the run.

Of course the involvement of the North Korean leader still cannot be assured, but as international spy agents and former diplomats under Kim Jong-un’s government have said: “Two North Korean ministries orchestrated the plot to kill Kim Jong-nam on the orders of his half-brother”.

If a dictator is prepared to put a whole international airport in danger because of a lethal nerve agent, able to kill in a few minutes anyone who just inhales it; if he is ready to sell weapons to the terrorists and eliminate anyone who blocks his way, boycotting human rights, then we should expect to hear again from him, hoping something soon will be done about it.

Simone Bonzo


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