A mortal journey

Dealing with the problem of immigrants has always been difficult for Europe. We hear about men who abuses of women, people who die during the travel but what do we know about children?

UNICEF called this phenomenon “a mortal journey for kids”. Everything starts in Libya in the detention camps. Here children are reduced to slavery but also sexually abused. They have no food, drink and medical treatments. Some of them were also killed.
Kamis, nine years old, left Nigeria with her mother but then after traveling through the desert she found herself alone in Libya.
“We were punished every day- she explains to a Onu operator- we had anything to drink. The place was very sad. We had nothing”
The assailant are usually men wearing uniform, this is the reason why most the crimes are not reported.
The UNICEF organisation said they had access only to half of these camps. People lived in groups of twenty in very little cells. Relation states that among 181.436 immigrants who came in Europe, 16% of them are minor and 9 of 10 them are alone. Besides among the 4.579 dead immigrants, 700 were minor.
UNICEF provided a program to protect these children:
1 protect refugees and immigrant kids from abuses.
2 make the detention of children ending.
3 keep together families, in order to protect children.
4 give children the opportunity to study and to receive medical treatments.
5 trying to avoid xenophobia when arriving to the new country.
In conclusion, try not to focus just on adults who came in our country and steal our jobs. Let’s consider kids too. They have the right to study and to create themselves a new life.
Martina Merello

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