Aid-in-dying: is it a human right?

Some days ago an Italian man decided to end his life because of a bad accident that left him blind and tetraplegic. In Italy the Physician aid-in- dying is not yet legal, so he asked help with a video to the Italian politicians to facilitate laws about euthanasia. In the same way, last year in California a woman  affected by braincancer, who  could not speak and needed always to be aided wanted to die, but, as in Italy, in California the aid- in -dying was not possible yet. She published a video in which she asked to have the possibility to die, too. In these two similar stories there is an important difference: the American woman  had soon the right of dying in her country, at home with her family and her physician, while the Italian man could not. He had to move to Switzerland, where this is legal, because his government did not make anything to furfil his desire. But also in America this is a thorny matter; some American states permit euthanasia since years, such as Washington, Vermont, Montana and Oregon, while others, as Colorado, California and Columbia have just approved this measure. But this is not enough and there are still lots of barriers; many physicians do not agree with this relief and can refuse the inferm’s request, the patients have to be conscient about their choice, and some States do not finance the elevate costs of lethal drugs. Sometimes, when patients have waited until late in their illnesses, they die before they can become eligible for assisted death. Or they become physically or mentally incapacitated to take the drugs themselves, as legally required, even if they do qualify.
But can the State or other people prevent the will of a disabled person who wants to end his worthless life, even if this act is considered immoral and unjust? This is the centre of many debates in these days, but, fortunately, now those two persons are both finally free.
The New York Times – Phisician Aid in Dying Gains Acceptance in the U.S.
Corriere della Sera – Dj Fabo arrivato in Svizzera “Vuole il suicidio assistito”


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