Enough money for a family?

Irene Clennell came to London in 1988, she got the residency permit in 1990. In Edinburgh she has a family and she is married with a british man, she became a grandmother too but, after 27 years of marriage, something completely changed her life. The police came to her house and took her to a detention centre, this was the first step before sending her back to where she was born: Singapore. The reason was because of the years she spent out of the UK, probably because she had to take care of her parents. She hopes to be allowed to come back to England and live with her family again, her husband and the rest of the family need her.
Irene has a western culture and she wouldn’t be accepted in Singapore, she is british and even her clothes show it.
To allow a partner to live in the UK, his spouse has to earn 18600 pounds, this inflexible law was promoted by the current prime minister Theresa May, in order to control immigration in Britain. Some of the families that have one of the two partners out of England are forced to keep in touch by using social network, because they can’t afford to bring the partner back to his family in the UK. For lots of british people, love still has an high price and maybe Britain should pay more attention to the needs of thousands of children, who should have the chance to live with both parents, under the same roof. Being well integrated in a foreign country is really important but is it actually so relevant to earn such an amount of money just to see the hole family reunited? The case of the Clennells is just an example, because lots of families have the same problem and are still trying to solve it.

La Stampa- ‘Sposata da 27 anni con un britannico, ma non basta: donna espulsa dal Regno Unito’.
The Guardian


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