Promiscuity by Ella

It goes without saying that promiscuity is one of the most important issues facing us today, yet we rarely seem to truly understand what it really concerns.
First of all, it’s safe to assume that promiscuity is a consequence to a much more than liberal society. We live in a modern world, where the more is the better. The more you drink, the cooler you look. The more you hook up with strangers, the more you look great in front of your friends. Of course there’s always the debate between male promiscuity (which appears to be more accepted) and female promiscuity (which is, in contrary, doomed).
As an 18 year old female teenager, living in a world where random pick ups are praised all over, is a bit difficult. There’s a lack of morals and values that are not to be taken for granted. Promiscuity is fine, but it stops being fine when it gets acclaimed as it is the only way of being accepted as “cool”.
In conclusion, it may seem utopic, but I dream of a world where moral values are equally balanced, and where female promiscuity is just the same as male promiscuity.