The vogue of veganism

In the last few months, people, mostly through media are slowly directing their mind to this way of thinking and living that is veganism. While living only on products from the Earth is actually called having a “plant based diet”, a true vegan is a person who is actively concerned in animals and the world as a place to guard and protect. Whether it is for health or physic related reasons or also for social engagement, I find this new curiosity uplifting.

To people who ask or mock other people for being vegan i just have this one question: how can you criticise somebody for doing something right, that doesn’t bring any bad to the world or even just to themselves?

Since we are children, we are raised to think of meat as a part of our diet, but we are now in 2017 and we know for sure that we could live well, if anthing better, without it or without animal products. People who have no intention of becoming a vegan but respect those who do or who already are, are perfectly fine as it is but I guess many more people would try this practise if only it was considered with more respect.


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