Cia on Wikileaks’s sight

Umpteenth scandal denounced by Wikileaks’ court, when weeks ago, Assange’s organisation published the news consisting of the fact that from many years CIA controls personal data of millions people all around the world.

Cia created indeed a secret program recruiting the best hackers on the planet aiming to prepare an illegal software which included malwares as well. They took advantage of people’s Ios and Androids phones to spy their movements and personal activities by hackering these devices. In some case they also managed to use Smart Tv microphones to keep themselves up to date on people’s various speeches obviously without their knowledge.

Basing on Wikileaks’ published data, it came out that many politicians,managers of leading associations and celebrities various accounts were spied. Apparently also Donald Trump’s twitter profile was a “victim” of this operation.

The operarono was su ch an elaborated one that, in Europe and precisely at the US embassy of Frankfurt, Germany, a Hacker squad was recruited and placed in order to spy people’s movement on the old continent.

Cia did not deny the scoop but Apple and Samsung immediately declared their non-involvement with the facts described,specifying that their softwares have immediately been checked for their users’ peace of mind.

This scandal is alarming governments around the world because these data publications if uncontrolled could break a real global cybernetic war out.
Experts declared that te leak of information brings the high risk of spreading malwares and viruses with catastrophic consequences on a global level in minutes. Malwares would then be accessible to everyone and it goes without saying that the risk of financial and other types of attacks is huge.

Cia is now required to give  official explanations and surely someone will be kicked out. But even more, this event make us understand how dangerous the Web could turn out to be if not used properly by people who transform it into a weapon.